In Africa, Aids has a woman’s face by Kofi Annan

Topics: United Nations, Africa, Ghana Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: December 16, 2013
In Africa, Aids has a woman’s face by Kofi Annan
In Africa, there is a combination of AIDS that has been affected people. AIDS has been spreading in huge proportions for not being informed. That is why United Nations is trying now focusing on trained women to confront AIDS. It is usually that women are the economic foundation of rural communities. Women seem to be more responsible and they have power and knowledge to make the correct decision which is going to protect her family and society. Studies show in this article, it proves that women do not play a central role because they are fully involved with the benefits, health, better fed, and savings of the families. In the case of the man is not present, the woman takes control of the house and now she has been recognized to have the properties when the man dies. However, countries like Africa are still having some old machismos traditions. Sometimes, girls have taken out of school and put it on the farm or house to work. This is not fair because once they focused all her life in house duties, education seems be far away of their dreams. In addition, it is proved that once the woman is in charge of the health and against AIDS, the percentage of infections has been decreasing. I agree with Kofi Annan. Women tend to be more worry about their families and put themselves as a second place. There is no price to see your family suffer, they are able to put themselves in order to see their families succeed. It will take time to see equality and girls get education but the women should never stop speaking out. We can make the difference and help our families.
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