I Am Homeless

Topics: Drug addiction, Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Many different circumstances can be attributed to my current state homelessness. I grew up in a broken home which consisted of my father not being present in my life and my mother who was disturbingly addicted to crack cocaine. My mother’s addiction left me as well as my seven brothers and sisters dirt poor. In order to feed ourselves we would have to go out and steal food from local stores and rob people. I got caught robbing one day and I was sent to jail. I got out a few months later and went to my former home in the projects and to my surprise my family had moved away. From that day on I have been homeless and living on the streets. There are various things I must do every day in order to stay alive. I stand on the street corners everyday in hope of getting spare change from someone or for people to just give me food. Other days I do what we call “catching someone slipping” or in other words robbing someone that is unaware or cannot defend themselves. With the money I get from these exploits I buy food and necessities. When its restroom time I either go to a restaurant and use their facilities even though most times they turn me away due to my appearance and odor. Or I simply go behind a dumpster or anywhere else where no one is looking. I also find my wardrobe in dumpsters’ or I steal them from department stores. Other times I just get some of the donated clothes that they have at the shelter. I do not take showers. I strip head to toe and wash up in gas stations. I soak a handful of paper towels with soap & a separate handful with water, go into a stall, strip, soap up & wipe down. I leave feeling a little soapy, but it's better than being dirty. If I have a water bottle I rinse off with that. I brush my teeth with soap since most times I don’t have any toothpaste. I also use the hand soap to wash my clothes, and then dry them with the hand dryer. When its cold I’ll find a hotel, the big hotels are the best, I walk around the building until I find a...
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