F. W. Taylor

Topics: Bethlehem Steel, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Management Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: April 8, 2013
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Category: BusinessAutor: jonirol 19 March 2012Words: 752 | Pages: 4The Life and Influence of Frederick TaylorFrederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), founder of scientific management, was born in Philadelphia. He came from a Quakers family with rigid principles and he was educated with a disciplinary mentality, devotion to work and savings. During his first studies, he had direct contact with social and business problems that arise since the industrial revolution. He started his professional life as a common laborer in 1878 at the Midvale Steel Co., he started as a shop clerk and quickly progressed to machinist, foreman, maintenance foreman, and chief draftsman; he became chief engineer in 1885. At the time, the pay per piece or per task system was used. Taylor introduced then the piece-work in the factory. His goal was to find the most efficient way to perform specific tasks. He closely watched how work was done and would then measure the quantity produced (Kanigel 44).Taylor believed that the secret of productivity was finding the right challenge for each person, and then paying him well for increased output. At Midvale, he used time studies to set daily production quotas; incentives would be paid to those reaching their daily goal. Those who did not reach their goal would get the differential rate, a much lower pay. Taylor doubled productivity using time study, systematic controls and tools, functional foremanship, and his new wage scheme. He paid the person not the job. He stayed at Midvale until 1889.Later, he joined Bethlehem Steel Company. He registered about fifty patents of machines inventions, tools and work processes. In 1895, he presented to the American...

References: hiavenato, Idalberto. “Introduction to the General Theory of Management.” McGraw Hill 1982.George, Claude S. “History of Managerial Thinking.”Kanigel, Robert. “Frederick Taylor’s Apprenticeship.” The Wilson Quarterly Summer 1996: 44.Weisbord, Marvin R. “Productive Workplaces”. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers, 1987. |
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