E-Business - International Nature of Electronic Commerce

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In order to address the key issues that come with conducting e-business you must first understand that you are automatically operating in a global environment. It is logical and to be expected that customers will naturally inherent lack of trust in strangers on the Web. There are several ways as a business owner that will overcome this tradition of distrusting strangers. Business trust is an important success factor in attracting customers to your online business. In order for my business to thrive an again trust of my consumers I must first adapt and cater to their customs, culture, language, government and infrastructures.

First, I will start with becoming well aware of the differences in language and customs that make up the culture of any region in which I am conducing business. With language differences, I will ensure that I provide local language versions on my web site; I will also translate my website into another language if necessary. I do understand that with nature comes culture, on my website I will also be very careful when choosing certain icons that represent action specific actions not wanting to offend anyone visiting my website..

International nature of electronic commerce
It is important for all businesses to establish trusting relationships with their consumers. Companies with established reputations in the physical world often create trust by ensuring that consumers know who they are. These businesses can rely on their established brand names to create trust on the web. New companies that want to establish online businesses face a more difficult challenge because a kind of anonymity exists for companies trying to establish a web presence. Most companies now realize that the only way to do business effectively in other cultures is to adapt to those cultures. The phrase “think globally, act locally” is often used to describe this approach. The first step that a web business usually takes to reach potential...
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