A New Health Care System for an Imaginary Country

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Medicine Pages: 3 (1279 words) Published: June 11, 2013
While researching for this project, I have run into several ethical conflicts. Looking from the outside in, writing up the perfect healthcare plan appeared to be an easy task, so I thought. As I have stated I was hindered by several decisions that could either A save a life, or either B save a dollar. While I would never have seen myself ever questioning whether or not to put a dollar before a human life that is exactly, what this project has forced me to do. I have an even greater deal of respect for those who have a hand in running the country, especially the president, as I have no idea what I would do if faced with some of the dilemma’s, both ethical and financial, that I faced with writing this healthcare plan. Money is not everything, but it certainly makes the world go round and you are certainly nothing without it. I never knew money held such clout over human life. The ideal healthcare system would have the ability to provide research, care, and even basic information to its patients. This health care system would be one that works for the country and the individuals living in that country. In this paper key factors when developing a health care system, factors such as researchers, trained doctors and nurses, teachers, and a willing country, need to be addressed and some of the ways that these needed services can be paid for. A model healthcare system cannot be created without first having the right people. Starting with the healthcare professionals, well trained doctors are needed to provide the care the patients need, as well as nurses to assist them. Services will be rendered at facilities that these doctors will be working in. In some areas of the world only if their dying will some people go to the hospital, having an at home style care can help the people that would not normally go the hospital for general care. For insurance reasons too many people get their medical care at a hospital instead of at a regular Primary Care Physician or even a...
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