“a Contemporary View on Health Care System in Bangladesh.”

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1.0 origin and background of the report

The report ‘‘A Contemporary view on Health Care System in Bangladesh’’ is the outcome of Internship Program which is a precondition for acquiring MBA Degree. Only curriculum activities are not enough for handling the real business environment, so it is necessary to get the better knowledge about the real scenario. The report is a requirement of the internship program for my MBA Degree. Conduction of Internship/ Dissertation started on 20th December 2009 and ended on 12th February 2010. My internship supervisor at International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Campus, Mr. R M Nasrullah Zaidi assigned me the topic of my report. The reason behind choosing this topic is getting a clear picture of the health sector of Bangladesh. Working on this topic gives me an opportunity to understand the Problem and prospect of health care system in Bangladesh.

In today’s world of globalization Thiland is seeking to encourage “health tourist” to its country under the banner of ‘Thailand: Centre of Excellent Health Care of Asia’, India is building an e-health industry and Singapore is building hospitals abroad. When scenarios are like that where the health sector of Bangladesh ? Here we try to get a idea about what is the real scenario of various related issues like access to health-relate knowledge and technology, the provision of new hospital and aliened health institution and the availability of health professionals.

1.1 objectives of the report

The objective of my study divided into two segments:

1.1.1 Primary Objective

The primary objective of this report is to meet the requirements of the course, OCP 5900, Internship.

1.1.2 Secondary Objective

The secondary objectives are:
* To confer a clear picture of National health senario.
* To know about list and capacity of existing Hospital & clinic * To know about manpower supply capacity and requirement
* To know about Morbidity and its rate
* To know about Available alternative or traditional medical care system. * To know about health education of mass people
* To know about government structure- health system
* To know about demographic structure of population
* To know about role of different institution in respect of Health Care

1.2 methodology

I have planned to perform the task in four stages:

Step 1 Planning of the work
Step 2 Data collection
Step 3 Analysis and interpretation of data
Step 4 Drawing conclusions and recommendations

The first stage is the most important stage. I have allocated enormous time for this stage. I am emphasizing on thorough and detailed planning. Planning includes detailed methodology and scheduling of the remaining three stages. I am also emphasizing on documenting detailed planning which would serve as a guideline and performance measure for the whole report.

The second stage is the data collection stage. I have planned to collect data in three main phases. * Collect data from internet, different books and medical journals. * Conduct interviews with selected representatives from different level of health professionals. This phase actually concentrates on clarification and elaboration of data collected from the first phase. * Conduct interviews and communicate with health providers who are in the front line. This phase actually concentrates on accumulating data for the overall scenario.

The third stage is the analysis and interpretation of data. In this stage I would use some statistical and graphical analysis tools to interpret the relationship among different variables and factors.

The fourth stage is the stage for drawing conclusions and prescribing recommendations. In this stage the results from the previous stage would be used to draw conclusions about different aspects of concerned matters within the organization and prescribe some recommendation for future...
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