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Youth homelessness in the UK
A decade of progress?
Deborah Quilgars, Sarah Johnsen and Nicholas Pleace
An evaluation of the progress being made to address youth homelessness in the UK.
There have been significant policy developments across the UK to address youth homelessness in recent years, most particularly the extension of priority need groups and a new emphasis on the prevention of homelessness. This study, the first UK-wide review of youth homelessness for a decade, explores whether these changes have been effective and recommends key priorities for future action.

In particular, it explores:

the scale of youth homelessness;

the profile and nature of youth homelessness, and whether it has changed over time;

young people’s experiences of homelessness;

service provision for young homeless people;

joint working in addressing youth homelessness;

the impact of policy and practice developments on outcomes for homeless young people and those at risk of homelessness;

the implications for future policy and practice priorities in addressing youth homelessness.

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Youth homelessness in the UK
A decade of progress?

Deborah Quilgars, Sarah Johnsen and
Nicholas Pleace

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About the authors
Deborah Quilgars, Sarah Johnsen and Nicholas Pleace, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York.

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Executive summary


1 Background to the review
A decade of policy and legislative change
The review
Report outline


2 The scale and patterns of youth homelessness
Key points
Measuring youth homelessness
Annual levels of youth homelessness
Annual levels of non-statutory youth homelessness
Levels of youth homelessness at any given point in time
Changes in the level of youth homelessness
Demographic patterns within youth homelessness


3 Pathways into, and the impact of, youth homelessness in the UK Key points
Young people at risk of homelessness
Health and support needs of young homeless people
Reasons for homelessness
The impact of homelessness on young people
Young people’s homelessness journeys


4 Service provision for young homeless people
Key points
Local authority responses to youth...
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