Yahoo, and Private Policy Issue in China

Topics: Human rights, United Nations, Law Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: March 10, 2013
1. If you were the CEO of Yahoo! And were presenting an opinion to the board of directors whether or not to release information to the Chinese government regarding a subscriber to Yahoo!’s e-mail, what would you say is more important-penetrating the Chinese market or adhering Yahoo’s principles regarding privacy protection? If I were the CEO of Yahoo! I would say that every business is in a society and every society has own rules and systems. Yahoo! had to follow the systems of China to set the business and to provide the services since Yahoo! is the one of the business in the Chinese society. If Yahoo! didn’t penetrate the Chinese society and follow their government and rule, they might not be allowed to start the business in China. In other word, penetrating a country or society is like a precondition between the government and company before the business starts in the country. What if Yahoo! keeps sticking in Yahoo’s privacy protection principles? Yahoo! would have many checks regulations from the government as much as they can’t adhere to the principles. Also, Chinese economy is expected to grow more and more and would be the one of the biggest economy in the world in close future (Cullen, 11). In other words, China is a big and attractive market for Yahoo!. Since it is the most important thing to make profit for a business, Yahoo! may do their best to make profit by penetrating the Chinese society. 2. One of the challenges of setting up a business in a foreign country is how much to adapt your product or service and company policies to local conditions. Make a case that companies must adapt to local tastes, traditions, and laws in order to survive.

There are no exact figure how much a business should adapt the foreign countries’ traditions and rules when the business set up in the country. However, adapting the country’s taste, tradition and laws are the keys of success there. Before a business is setting up, they research pretty much...
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