World Order Legal Studies

Topics: United States, United Nations, Korean War Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: August 1, 2013
World order is fundamentally just world peace. A world full of peace would mean that each individual would have a fair go at life and have a potential to have success. Throughout history, war and conflict have denied the world of its peace between nations. The rise in terrorism around the world, the inequality between the rich and the poor within and between nations, the push for globalisation and free trade, and the growing awareness of human rights globally have all stimulated the need for world order. North Korean Missile Crisis

The North Korean Crisis of 2013 was a rise of pressure between nation-states which included North and South Korea, U.S. and Japan that began after North Korea had launched a satellite. Following the launch, arguments were instantly created because at the request of the United States, the Security Council of the United Nations approved new sanctions against the North Korea under the accusation that the launch was in fact a test of a ballistic missile. The launch surprised many. Diverse world media including China, Russia and Japan reported that North Korea had entered the ranks of the countries able to manufacture and launch satellites in the world. The North American Aerospace Defence Command reported that both the satellite and the launcher and space debris "did not come to be factors threatening the security of the United States". The North Korean government said the launch was solely to put a satellite into orbit, denying that it was a military trial. On January 22 the North Korean government proceeded to register it with the United Nations stating that it is an observation satellite designed to monitor the Earth's crops, forest resources and natural disasters, having a nodal period of 95 minutes 25 seconds. However, most of the nations of the world condemned the action, even China, which by a military pact required defending North Korea in the event of aggression. In addition, historical rivals the United States, Japan and South...
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