World Leaders, Help Syria!

Topics: Syria, Bashar al-Assad, United Nations Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Zyrus Sabio
English 101A-Expository Composition
Mr. Kiwan
26 April 2012
World Leaders, Help Syria!
In every story, there are villains and heroes. Sometimes, there are lucky villains who have more power or capabilities than heroes; this is why some heroes are suppressed which causes villains to move freely. This is similar to Syria’s uprising story. Assad and his forces are the villains and have power, while Syrians who resist Assad are the heroes and are suppressed. The story started a year ago when a groop of teenagers wrote the statement, “THE PEOPLE WANT THE REGIME TO FALL” on a wall. This statement threatened Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad. When the teenagers were jailed and punished, a lot of people protested against the brutality of Assad’s actions. After this, tensions between people and the government of Syria began and worsen. People began to protest to end Assad’s dictatorship, and Assad used force to deal with the protesters (Walt; Marquardt). In the story, the villains have full control on the state’s military forces and more powerful than the heroes. Because of this, Syrians are suppressed. Syrians have no power against the powerful force of their government; their only choice is to hide to avoid attacks that are caused by Assad and his forces. Some Syrians have no food and food and water, and some have trauma and fear. Because of this, leaders of the free world should make their stand, help Syrians gain freedom and stop Assad’s forces from killing more people.

In the story of Syria’s uprising, there are two possible ending scenarios: Assad will resign or stay. The result whan Assad will resign is that Syrians will be free. However, if Assad stays, rtension will continue. This can lead tio more deaths. According to an article in The Telegraph, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that since Syria’s uprising begun, the recorded 8458 deaths; what is alarming is that 6,195 of these deaths involve civilians (“Baroness Amos Arrives in...
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