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United Arab

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a small, high-income country with rich natural resources. The country enjoys peace, stability and actively seeks and facilitates investment from all over the world. The UAE is the world’s fourth largest oil producer and the richest state per head of population. It is the new commercial hub of the Middle East. Few nations have achieved such radical development, only 50 years ago; there was no electricity, no plumbing, not a single public hospital or modern school, no bridges and only a handful of cars. The gross national income increased from 4.7 billion AED in 1972 to 229 billion AED in 2002, with an annual growth rate of 13.8%. The gross domestic product per capita reached 69 000 AED in 2002, the gross domestic product increased from 6.5 billion AED in 1972 to 260 billion AED in 2002, with an annual growth rate of 13%. Non-oil sectors contributed 188 billion AED in 2002 compared to 2.4 billion AED in 1972, investment in all its forms increased from 1.7 billion AED in 1972 to 60 billion AED in 2002 in an annual growth rate of 12.6%. The Government allocated all necessary funds to ensure good education for all citizens. The number of students increased from 481 000 in 1995 to 564 100 in 2000.

• Organization of health service and decentralization: Health delivery is provided by six

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% population under 15


different federated authorities and nine regionalized medical districts. The primary health care services are decentralized to the regions, with some powers and autonomy. 26 hospitals and 106 primary health care centres provide a comprehensive health care to all people. The decentralization has improved the quality of care.

Population distribution:
% rural (2005)


• Maternal and child health: The low maternal mortality rate is due to excellent maternal health

Life expectancy at birth
in years...

References: Region – Annual Report of the Regional Director,
Cairo, EMRO, 2006
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