Worksheet: Computers

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ksheetIntroduction to computers

Directions: Fill in the blank.
1. Microcomputers, different from those giant mainframes and supercomputers, are designed for individuals. In fact, the microcomputer is often called the PC

2. DESKTOP and LAPTOP computers are the most commonly seen microcomputers.

3. Just like human beings, computers communicate through receiving and sending messages. We refer to those message receiving components as INPUT devices and those which send messages as OUTPUT devices.

4. All keyboards are made up of the main TYPING area, the FUNCTION keys and the CONTROL keys. Most desktop and some larger laptop computer keyboards contain a 10-key NUMERIC pad.

5. Like a mouse, a touchpad is a pointing device. It features a TEXTILE which can translate the motion of your fingers to movement on screen

6. LED monitors take advantage of the LED technology, which provides better quality images.

7. Many printers use a USB or USB cable to connect to the computer.

8. Once you open the computer, the first thing you see is a big board, which holds all the components together. We call it the motherboard or sometimes the mainboard

9. Every computer contains an internal clock, which tells us how fast the CPU can process data. The higher the clock rate the faster the CPU.

10. Once you open a file or a program, the software and data will load from the hard drive back to the RAM

Introduction to Computers
11. On a PC, the ROM stores the BIOS (Basic Input /Output System).

12. The POWER SUPPLY converts power from the electrical outlet to the lower voltages your computer parts need.

13. We also have a NETWORK card and a WIRELESS card. Their job is to allow the computer to connect to the Internet.

14. POWER CONNECTORS attaches the power supply to the internal devices. Their job is to supply and distribute power to the computer components.

On the other hand, are responsible for transferring data...
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