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Make A Wish Foundation
I chose make a wish foundation because I originally heard the name on Cake Boss, a tv show. One of the chefs on the show was a part of the organization and the chefs even volunteered to make a childs wish come true. Started in 1980, the Make A Wish Foundations first wish was given to 7 year old Christopher Greicius who at the time was being treated for leukemia. A firend of his mothers, Tommy Austin, contacted Ron Cox to give Chris wat he wanted, to be a police officer. On April 29. 1980 Chris was sworn in as the first honorary Department of Public Safety patrolman in Arizona state history. On May 3, 1980, Chris passed away and was buried in Kewanee, Illinois. Two Arizona officers, Scott Stahl and Frank Shankwitz, saw how happy Chris was knowing that his wish came true and set out to do the same for other children. Make A Wish Foundations mission is to grant the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses. All are invited to volunteer. You go to the website and check the boxes that apply to you. For some, like wish granting, you may need special training, and for some all you have to do is show up and help. Make a Wish Foundation helps children of all ages from early childhood to adolesence. They make a positive influence on these children and for some it has been linked to their full recovery. Not all children the Make A Wish Foundation grants their wish to survives. Many, like Chris, die from the life threatening illnesses they have been diagnosed with. However, all of the children Make A Wish Foundation has helped are happier wether they survive or they don’t.

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