Why I Hate HR

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Why I Hate HR


Why I Hate Hr

The issue we are addressing in this assignment below is the problems of Human Resource Management; the author has written the topic “Why we hate HR?”. He has listed several issues faced such by the human resource management – managers and there is quite a number of times having to distance themselves from the employees. He has started his case by talking about “why human-resource does not do such a good job”, and how can we fix it? then he continues with the Sarcastic criticism of the general outlook of people towards HR , and considers that the HR people just find a great excuse of partying, calling it a HR leadership training program at the most expensive resorts. Considered by many as a waste of time and money. Author

Keith Hammonds, Deputy Editor of Fast Company magazine lit up HR managers with his long August 2005 article entitled, “Why We Hate HR.” He made a number of harsh accusations about HR people. As we have seen the article is provocative. I know many people think such accusations are true for some in the line of work, though as generalizations all are wrong. Should HR say nothing, or what exactly should they say instead? In fact Human Resource is making vast leaps forward as we speak. Instead of bashing pet peeves in the profession we should look into what is working. Punching at a problem rarely encourages improvement, though it gets lots of notice and expected email, both from irritated HR people and those who love to instigate them. It’s time for an equally pointed response. The author drags out most of the cliché, tired-but-not-yet-dead accusations. He ploughs out four in particular: that HR people are “not the sharpest tacks,” that they are paper and policy mongers, that they are by treating everyone exactly equally “the mistaken belief” this is fairness, and that the HR managers cannot see the bigger picture. The last is truly the key issue. The others, nonetheless,...

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