What Is the Issue Being Discussed

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Engineering Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: August 23, 2013
What is the issue being discussed?
Whether the technology is bad or good things to people.
What is the author’s position, belied or bias regarding the issue? The author says that technology can bring good future to the people. Is the author biased? How is the bias conveyed?
No, the author is not biased against the use of technology. One indication is that he conveys his opposition through words with positive connotations such as “more freedom” and “timesaving”. Are there any assumptions made by the author regarding the issue? If so, what are the assumptions? Yes, the author is making these assumptions:

* Our physical health has benefited greatly from technology. * Technology plays a very important role in the communication of people today. *
What types of support are presented by the author to make his case? In other words, what kinds of evidence are used by the author to back up the argument? Remember, evidence or support can include research findings, case studies, personal experiences of observations, examples, facts, comparisons, and expert testimony or opinion. The author uses the Doug Rennie’s article, “Faxed to the Max”. He also uses the pacemaker, invented by Canadian electrical engineer, John Hopps. And he also uses personal observations and personal opinions, but no research findings or expert testimony. Is the support directly related, or relevant, to the argument? Is the support based on relevant expertise? Yes, the support seems directly related to the argument as the author attention to the benefit of technology. Is the support objective, that is, using facts and other non-personal, clear evidence? Is the support subjective, that is, based on the author’s limited personal experiences of influenced by his or her emotions? Relevant support needs to use facts and clear evidence. Yes, the support is objective, as the author uses facts to show the benefits of technology, he use the Doug Rennie’s article, “Faxed to the Max”, says “the...
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