What is the difference between a group at risk for poor health and a group considered a vulnerable population?

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What is the difference between a group at risk for poor health and a group considered a vulnerable population? Provide an example of a group at risk and a group considered a vulnerable population. 1. Explain why members of these groups cannot advocate for themselves or why advocating for these groups would be beneficial. 2. What would you advocate for?

3. What risk are you taking as a community health nurse when advocating for the aforementioned groups?

A group at risk for poor health is a group of people who choose to do something even if it’s bad for their health. They will also have the money to support the habit and the health insurance to take care of any illnesses related to the habit. People who smoke are at risk for poor health. Vulnerable population is a group or groups that are more likely to develop health-related problems, have more difficulty accessing health care to address those health problems, and are more likely to experience a poor outcome or shorter life span because of those health conditions. More vulnerable to health risks, include the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the severely mentally ill, the very young, and the very old (Maurer and Smith, 2009). Pneumonia quickly comes to mind for people who are vulnerable. This vulnerable group cannot advocate for themselves because they don’t have the means to obtain the treatment for their cold or flu symptoms that eventually lead to pneumonia. They don’t have the money to buy warm clothes or food that will help them obtain protein to heal. The risk for poor health group chooses to smoke and use tobacco products. If they are unwilling to give up the habit, even though they know it could cause cancer, yellow rotten teeth and many lung issues. Sometimes giving up the habit isn’t easy for them either and they resist the change. Nurses can effect change that, in the long run, will make it easier for people to be healthy. The vulnerable group I would advocate for more...
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