What Are the Advantage and Disadvantage

Topics: Medicine, Health economics, Health insurance Pages: 9 (2391 words) Published: July 4, 2013
Medical – Health & Family Welfare, Education

1.Motive:To provide the Medical related facilities and prevention of Health to each and every, last person of the Nation. 2.Reason:As per present scenario Government Medical Institutions are able to serve/treat only 20% of the Indian population. Rest 80% have to depend upon private sector. 3.Source:Co-operative or Private Public Partnership (Where Management is private while Government place a supportive role). 4.Content:a.Medical – Curative Portion – Diagnostics & Treatment. b. Health - Prevention, Promotion-vaccination, sanitation, fogging. c.Family Welfare – Social

5.Areas to be:*1.Allopathic *2. Ayurvedic * 3.Government Sector work on* 4. Medical Tourism * 5. Overseas Trade * 6.Medical Education 6.Basis:a.Government of India is allocating only 1.9% of GDP on health sector. Which is least in the entire world. Dr. Kiran Majumdar Shaw CMD, Bicon. b.All developed countries give primary importance to its citizen’s health, unfortunately in India, the case is reverse. – Dr. Naresh Trehan. c.Due to health related expenditures every year 3.9 crores of Indians slip down from middle-class to the below poverty line. Today a large number of our population lies below the poverty line. – Dr. Kiran Majumdar Shaw. d.In India the amount of money spent on health sector of a single person is least in the entire world. e.Due to lack of political will and weak influential system health services are not able to reach the commoners at a reasonable cost. Hence, even the little amount which is being spent on health sector today is getting wasted. Dr. Kiran Majumdar Shaw. f.In order to get health related services a common man has to loosen up his pocket to a great extent and spend more than what is required. – Honorable President of India. g.States alone can not provide standard health services to its people. – Dr. Naresh Trehan. h.In India availability of Doctors and Medical Staff as on today. Doctors – 0.6/1000 people. Medical Staff –1.3/1000 people i.The need of time is that the private sectors should come up & take the responsibility regarding these sensitive area. 7.Need:Today, people have to make a choice between inefficient/ineffective public health services or expensive private services. Hence, they don’t approach a hospital until & unless their is an emergency. As a result, most of the patients, especially the urban population, becomes the victims of untimed death due to lack of health services. 8.Purpose:We have to develop a system through which public health services can meet the basic health needs of the people & new ways of preventing diseases can be discovered. 9.Concept

Working Area – 1. Allopathic (Treatment Part)

a.We will create a poly clinic at every block level Centers with a Basic Staff Doctor, Pharmacist, GNM, Ward Boy, Peon and Sweeper having facility for the initial treatment, collection facility for the diagnostics, Basic & essential drugs and a mobile van with electronic facility – computer, internet for video conferencing as a part of Tele Medicine & Tele Radiology. b.Some patient who requires any diagnostics report will be fully treated by next days after receiving the report either directly or by Tele Medicine. c.We will create next level of structure at the Tehsil level for the next level treatment with upgraded Hospital and Ambulance Van with Operation Theatre....
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