Vocation of a Business Leader

Topics: Management, Ethics, Catholic social teaching Pages: 7 (1562 words) Published: February 28, 2015
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Reflection Paper
Vocation of a Business Leader
According to the author, “The vocation of the businessperson is a genuine human and Christian calling.” He also added “An important part of the business leader’s vocation is practicing ethical social principles while conducting the normal rhythms of the business world.” “Such business leaders play an important role in advancing and bringing to life ethical social principles, drawing on the Catholic social tradition where appropriate, in their day-to-day routines.” As a future graduate of De La Salle University, it is important to always take into consideration the mission given to us to become a Christian achiever for God and country. When given the opportunity to lead in a future career, family, or community I’ve learned that the type of leadership we display will highly affect the relationships we have with the people involved and the overall quality of the output produced. As a Christian leader it is essential to nourish my business life by learning more about the Church’s social teaching. One way to ensure that we practice spiritual path with other Christian business practitioners is knowing the core values of Gospel principles and having the courage to live them in all parts of my life in my work and for the service of the common good would be a great way to identify and understand the significance of having a good personal core values and really understand what really means in entailing and promoting human dignity in my sphere of influence as Christian business leader. By doing so, we integrate these core values into our decision-making process and we are more inclined to consider the impact of our decisions on others. Another important role in advancing and bringing to life ethical social principles is to develop personal visions for us and our respective communities and voicing this vision out. By doing so, we are sharing a common goal with our community and we are able to influence others to work towards similar visions, applying similar core values in the process. A final way to display ethical social principles in the business world is to be in service of those whom you lead. It has been said that a good business leader is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. This quote can be interpreted to support this idea since an ethical business leader would put the common good before his/her own interests. This does not mean neglecting oneself in the process, but rather, it means prioritizing what God wants and what is best for the community over any personal issues. This means that as a business leader, we would not think of ourselves as superior to those we serve. As a business leader, are elected to lead by example and in continued service of the common good. By taking seriously the dignity of others in my business decision-making this will surely promote integral human development while making my company more efficient, more agile, and more profitable as mentioned on the reading. I’ll give an example of a of a leadership implementation against Church’s social doctrine. When former President of the United States Harry Truman gave the order to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, 70,000 and 80,000 Japanese citizens, respectively, were instantly killed. Over 200,000 Japanese citizens were added to the death toll in the succeeding years due to burns and radiation poisoning. Some individuals argue that this devastation was necessary to end World War 2 once and for all and that the deaths of Japanese citizens were warranted since many American lives were lost due to the Japanese kamikaze raids. The group, however, disagrees with these arguments because there is nothing ethical about choosing to end all those lives. Harry Truman did not display a good decision making when he made this decision because there is no moral core value lived out in choosing to kill. It was known that although the Japanese weren’t...
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