Veteran's Health Administration

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LTT1 - Task 1

The Sutter Health Network (SHN) is a network of doctors, medical foundations, and hospitals found in Northern California that offer a varied assortment of medical services and support programs to the public. The SHN was ranked as the ninth largest healthcare system in America in year 2009- based on their annual revenue. The Network involves itself with their local community; special care is taken to keep their health care costs down in order for their patients to get the best care possible at low cost. Health organizations regularly implement Federal Government Programs to manage health care costs for their patients. The Sutter Health Network is one of the health networks that have applied a Federal Program called the Veteran’s Health Administration. The Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) provides military personnel currently in the military as well as the honorably discharged or retired soldiers with high quality health care and benefits earned through their service. These benefits include primary care pertaining to their service, care for special disability veterans, OEF/OIF/OND care management, medication co pays, specialized medical programs, counseling services, prosthetic therapy and sensory aids, services for blind/visually impaired veterans, mental health care treatment, work restoration programs, nursing home care, caregiver programs, and sexual trauma recovery. With the current economic recession, the number of veterans and military personnel who are now filing for Veterans’ Health Administration to cover their personal and family medical expenses has grown exponentially. The Sutter Health Network accepts coverage from the VHA and provides most of these benefits and health programs included. They connect veterans with primary care physicians or specialists in a number of different fields, surgery centers, urgent medical attention, complementary medicine, mental health care, and...
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