Topics: Homelessness, Mind, Automobile Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: December 2, 2014
“Don’t Judge a book by its Cover”
For a number of many years some people judge another person based on the things the things they heard. What they drive, what kind of car they have, what profession they are a part of, and what race they are from.

My main theory about all of this is never judge a book by its cover until you open in and read it. You really never know a person until you spend some time with them and get to know them. I was walking through Peace River streets this one morning, minding my own business and I met this homeless woman she asked me if I had any spare change so that she could eat. My first thought in my mind that she was going to go buy more alcohol so I told her that I would drive her to subway and give her a meal because I had not eaten yet so we did. The conversations we had blew me away she told me about her education and her back round life where she grew up and everything she used to do and everything that led her life into poverty. She had lost her son in a car accident and didn’t emotionally get over it, she could not bear the weight of losing her child. I felt so guilty and so ashamed of myself! Like here is this woman highly educated and great company! Here I am judging her about her clothes and my first appearance of her. Little did I know she had it all and I promised myself that I would never judge anybody until I met them and heard their part of their story? People don’t take the time to personally get to know one another People just hear a lot of things about a person and repeat what they heard or what they seen that person doing or driving or what kind of life style they have had or have. Most people are just too busy to sit there and have a real conversation with somebody because there too busy with their own lives or they are just too embarrassed to be seen talking with a homeless people or somebody that is not in their class range. If only people would take the actual time to get to know another and stop...
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