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RUNNING HEADER: Health Care Systems in the U.S.

Health Care Systems in the U.S.
Terry Scott
University of Phoenix
HCS/531 – Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems
Kenneth Feldman
November 7, 2011

This paper will review the U.S. Health Care System and evaluate what a health care system is, implications of beliefs and values on a health care system, provide examples of various models of health care used in American and explain how the health care system applies to models of the health care delivery in the United States. U.S. Health Care System

A health care system is “the complete network of agencies, facilities, and all providers of health care in a specified geographic area” (Health care systems, 2011). Knowing the general idea of a health care system is a complete network of agencies, facilities, providers within a certain area it can be expanded to a more complex system that includes more than the entities mentioned. According to Farlex, the U.S. Health Care System “is largely controlled by the free market, which is believed to provide limitations on how much physicians and other specialists can charge to their patients. However, many critics of the current system, including organizations composed of physicians, note that the system has become largely bureaucratic and that cost-cutting measures and pressures caused by competition and the need for profit have reduced the effectiveness of medical practice. Despite these problems, many commentators have not been able to agree as to the proper level of control that state or federal governments should have over health care” (National health care, 2011).

From the information provided, it is understood that a health care system is to assist in the medical needs of consumers through networks, facilities, providers etc in a geographical area. Beliefs and Values of Health Care System

Understanding the definition of a health care system, the next logical process is the belief and values a health care system should have or incorporate. When it comes to health care system beliefs, one study indicated that Americans are still debating or making up their minds on what they want in health care and health care reform. What this study is suggesting, more than 60% of population really doesn’t know about health care in America. The only belief and value that seems to have any sort of agreement is affordable health care for all. However, there is more to health care than just affordability.

The beliefs and values in a health care system should have accessibility to medical treatment, the determination to direct personal medical care, the ability to have treatment in reasonable amount of time, less limitation on preexisting conditions and the general consensus to have health care that works, meaning treating the patient and prolonging life or curing the disease.

However with those being said, the beliefs and values being placed on health care systems are; who’s going to pay for it? How much will it cost me? Are taxes going up to fund health care? Will a new system limit my ability to seek treatment or will it be restricted? Will there even be any type of quality of care? Seeing surveys on health care systems indicate health care systems in America are the free market, there isn’t control or legislation that will assist health care and the main focal point of health care systems are cost or what is the total cost to American? The beliefs and values are solely pointing to cost instead of what is really needed for a U.S. health care system. Health Care Models Used in America

The U.S. has several health care models that are used to administer health care in the U.S. A few of these models are the social and economical models, the public health model, and organizational model. The economic model uses “three assumptions in relation to the economic principle of Implications of beliefs and values on a health care system Benefit, Behavior, Policy...

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