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rbanization is the percentage of people in residing in cities and the process by which people migrate from rural areas to larger cities. As the days go by millions of people continue to migrate to bigger cities in search of better chances of employment, better life standards, health benefits and other opportunities. The majority of migrations occur in developing countries. Urbanization has triggered several changes; for instance advances in certain areas but it has also bought many negative changes. For example urbanized areas offer more services than rural areas such as more shopping centres, public transportation, schools, offices, recreational centres, entertainment etc which would lead to more traffic jam, air pollution, infra-structure breakdown and lack of employment opportunities due to overpopulation. Urbanization not only causes degradation in air quality but also pollutes land, water and increases the amount of waste. Even in cities like Toronto there is a portion of homeless people due to urbanization. It is every so often seen in downtown neighbourhoods and as a result more homeless shelters are built. Rise in urban centre has also made many inhabitants want a quieter and harmless neighbourhood with bigger houses. This kind of growth necessitates more roads and services such as schools, hospitals, recreation centres etc. This also leads to the reliance of personal vehicles thus leading to traffic jams as well as air pollution due to over dependence of vehicles. The presence of industries also adds up to cause more air pollution. Urbanization has proven to cause drastic effects on the hydrological cycle. This is because many of the natural pathways have been eliminated by the increased amount of surface such as roads that is impermeable to precipitation.

Canada hit urbanization at an earlier stage than most countries. But in recent years immigration has triggered the population growth spurt especially in...
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