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Molly Clark
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October 14, 2011
Working to Unite the Nations
How much of your time do you dedicate to helping people in need? Do you often think of the numerous individuals suffering from disease, political corruption, and hunger? For the individuals who work within the United Nations, dedication for the betterment of those who face struggles, is not just a job, but a lifestyle. The basis of their efforts comes from the United Nations Human Rights Document. This document proves to be an effective guide for peace and justice, leading for South Sudan to become the World’s newest country after years of struggle and people within the country to live a better life, they seek to promote peace and bring an end to civil wars and foreign invasion within Afghanistan, and look to restore a secure and stable environment from disease and political corruption in Haiti, especially after detrimental effects from an earthquake. The United Nations establishes a will to guarantee world peace.

The United Nations is an international organization that was established in order to ensure peace and security across the world. Its creation in 1945 was done in order to guarantee that an extremity of conflict like WWII would never occur again. 51 countries with a commitment to maintaining peace world-wide founded the organization, replacing the League of Nations. The UN is well known for its peacekeeping, peace building, prevention of conflicts and involvement in humanitarian efforts. The four main purposes of the United Nations are; to keep peace across the world, to develop friendly relationships among nations while promoting social progress; to help nations work together to improve lives of the poor, conquer hunger, disease and illiteracy as well as encouraging respect for each other’s rights and freedoms; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations to achieve these goals. (UN, Website) The six key organs of the UN are; the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Secretariat, the International Court of Justice, and the Trusteeship Council. These bodies collectively work to solve fundamental issues, protect the environment and refugees, serve disaster relief, prevent terrorism, promote democracy, human rights, gender equality, social and economic development, and improve health and much more. (UN Website)

The United Nations General assembly developed The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th, 1948. The document is a guideline for what should be done in order to ensure peace and security throughout the world. The UN Declaration of Human Rights is written from the basis of dignity, equality, and freedom. The UN believes these to be the foundations in guiding people to peace, and makes each of the themes evident throughout the Articles within the pledge. The main ideas expressed in the articles include; all people are born free and equal and that each person has the right to live no matter what their race, heritage, gender, religion or social status might be. Discrimination of a person because of a demographic in a work, school, or social setting is intolerable. Each person has the right to a nationality and have a sense of belonging to a country. It is discussed that under no circumstances should there be any type of slavery or torture. This goes hand and hand with the belief that human rights are to be protected by the law, people have an opportunity for trial and should not be put into prison unless there is adequate evidence against them. In a situation where people feel as if they must leave their original country out of fear or bad treatment, they have the freedom to move somewhere new. The main ideas discussed through The Universal Declarations of Human Rights become goals throughout each of their peace missions. The United Nations’ aim to ensure peace is demonstrated in their substantial effort to lead South Sudan to independence....
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