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The United Nations, A Tool for International Relations
The University of Oklahoma

I. Introduction
The topic of this paper is to determine if the United Nations is still an important component of international relations. This research paper will then argue that the United Nations is indeed still important to international relations, but needs some reform. Therefore, this paper is set out to focus on the history of the United Nations, the problems of the United Nations, ways to improve global governance, and why the United Nations is so important to international relations. II. History of the United Nations Involvement in International Relations

Among the UN’s arrival in 1945, the United Nations persistent state of change between various international stakeholders has been seeking improvement over the effectiveness of the structure (Blanchfield, 2011). Thus, in a world where interdependence and transnational processes obtain greater cooperation, and to also maintain its limitations where the autonomy and primacy of the state remain unchallenged (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). The United Nations role in international relations has simply been placed in the line of demand towards peace and security since its arrival in 1945 (Schaefer, 2011). To reach such goals of international peace and security, the UN must decide on the most effective and clear decisions within and among all member states (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). It is then critical that the UN responds adequately to these diverse crises before the international community feels that the current ‘old’ frameworks are a failure to an effective multilateral intervention (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). According to the writings of Childers and Urquhart (1996), “The great merit of many excellent case studies collected is that they demonstrate that these disagreements are more often than not, rooted in conflicts of interest and value among member states” (p.97). This may serve to explain why in some instances the UN does not function well enough for fairly predictable decisions to be reached.

With in some cases of extreme failures, such as the Gulf War, the peacekeeping strategy may have never worked in the first place given the Iraqi leadership perception of there selves (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). However, in the case of Cambodia shows the effectiveness and successful functions of the UN intervention (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). The UNs envision of peacekeeping was largely displayed by the successfully organizing elections in Cambodia, where in a country ran by refugees, the UN pushed for the formation of a government of popular legitimacy, which was unheard of in this country (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). Though, as a few passed since the UN ‘solved’ the Cambodian conflict, the country drew back to civil war (Childers & Urquhart, 1996). Childers and Urquhart’s (1996) study found that even with the outcome of Cambodia was led back to conflict, there were also positive lessons learned in the UN, “International consensus and support behind the peace process, unambiguously and repeatedly expressed by the Security Council throughout the UNTAC operation, greatly facilitated the task of the UN in the field” (p.98).

A great deal of disappointment has also developed between he United Nations. A lot of the failure is pointed towards the divergent interests among the member states that prevent the organization to make timely action (Schaefer, 2011). III. Problems of the United Nations

The United Nations is the major instrument of global governance, thus is again in a crisis (Murithi, 2003). The urge for reform is high due to the challenges of globalization and the impact it has on security and development around the world (Laipson, 2006). In Murithi’s (2003) writing, foreign Minister of Poland, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, proposed that there need to be a new charter for the international system to address obstacles of the upcoming...
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