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Reasons To Avoid a World War
• During the war
– Lost of lives
– Massive Destruction
– No Winners

• Pre-war
– Economic Downturn
– Strain on International relations

Lost of Lives
• World war 2 death toll
– Total estimated: 60-80 million
• 3% of world population
– Military: 22-25 million
Total Death
– Civilian: 38-55million
– More than 60 countries



Massive Destruction
• Lost of historical Landmark
• Lost of whole cities
– Hiroshima & Nagasaki

No Winners
• Japan & Germany
– Suffer heaviest casualty
• Japan: 2-3mil (3-4% of total population)
• Germany: 7-9mil (8.5-10% of total

– Most Destruction
• Eg. Hiroshima & Nagasaki

– Sanctions and limitations

Economic Downturn
During the war
• Economy becomes military inclined
• Workers
– Male: Conscripted into the army
– Females: Work in war factories

• Businesses were forced to close
Post war
• Recovery Efforts

Strain on International Relations
• Trust is gone
– Japan wasn’t allowed to keep a military after they
had surrendered.
– 50,000 US troops in Japan up till today.

• Create unnecessary tension

Explain the functions of
United Nations and how
does it affects the
International Politics


UN Headquarters in New York 

• Lengthy and difficult
political process
 United States
• It began as The League
of Nations in 1919 after
World War One
 Treaty of Versailles
• To eliminate the
organization as it was
ineffectual once World
War Two broke out.
• A new organization


Political cartoon
illustrates the general
sentiment of the
people toward The
Treaty of Versailles

• varying points of view in
terms of what is
expected of the
• to intervene in the
actions of the countries
"To save it
generations from the
scourges of war, which twice in our
lifetime has brought untold sorrow to
mankind, and to reaffirm faith in
fundamental human rights, in the dignity
and worth of the human person, in the
equal rights of men and women and of
nations large and small, and to establish
conditions under which justice and
respect for the obligations arising from
treaties and other sources of international

• accomplished remains discretionary
• to settle potentially threatening
disputes in a peaceful manner
 The second war between the United
States and Iraq is one of the most
glaring examples of UN violations.
• even non-members must act in
accordance with the charter
• affect the global infrastructure.
• the use of violent force is permissible
only after the UN Security Council has
approved military action
• concisely and simplistically stated


Senate Majority
Leader Henry
Cabot Lodge

• affected foreign policy since the
end of World War One.
• be able to count itself
• acceptable and humane
weapons for warfare.
• 63 countries (Germany, France,
Italy and the United Kingdom)
• The notable absence of the U.S.
 attributed as part of its
 global affairs
 to lack the clout it had set out
to possess.

• be created
• to take shape through the Declaration of
Saint James' Palace.
 Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands,
Australia, and the United Kingdom.
• inveterate the United Nations
as the entity it has become.
• From the time of the UN's
acknowledged existence
on October 24, 1945
• has increased steadily each
year, with 1997 and 2003
• that a new country has not joined.

• has pioneered the global quest for
peace and harmonious
• to wield its power for the
betterment of the global
In the past,
• led to the evasion of possibly
catastrophic events
 Korean War in 1950. The Security
Council was...
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