Unit 1 the Business Environment

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For this task I have been asked to discuss the stakeholder’s aims and objectives of my two businesses. It is important for stakeholders to have an influence as they can offer ideas and anything the company is doing is in their interest. Aims of Waitrose

The aims of Waitrose are to offer a top quality service and also try have get their customer to be eating organic affordable food by 2012. •They also are trying to get their own farm to own and grown organic crops. Objectives of Waitrose

One objective of Waitrose is to try and have regular employee reviews to try and make sure the service they provide is at a high quality. •If the company are going to make profits then they will have to find their own land if they want to grow crops. By having their own land it will be cheaper to grow crops and they won’t be paying rent for the use of land. •If the company is going to have their customers eating organic crops by 2012, they will have to make sure that they identify the customer’s needs meaning find out what they like so they can cater for them. •The company have recently been looking for land to grow organic crops on as they are trying to promote their policy or organic. Waitrose stakeholders

Bank – the banks are very big stakeholders because if the company need instant money for a new investment then they will turn to the banks. This stakeholder seeks to achieve profits because they will be charging interest on any loans that are issued to the company. The bank can affect the objectives because they are the holders of the larger amounts of money so if Waitrose want to expand they won’t be able to as they won’t have the extra funds they need. Also if interest rates increase the amount that will have to be payed back by companies will increase e.g. if Waitrose a paying back a specific amount every month on an interest only loan, the rise of the rates will have a negative effect. Employees – employees will also seek to...
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