Unemployed And Working Hard

Topics: Homelessness, Willem de Kooning, Want Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: May 13, 2015
Unemployed and Working Hard by Simon Wykoff
So many times I have seen someone on the street or panhandling on the corner and thought to myself, “they are faking it” or, “it must be nice not to work.” Not truly thinking of what they have to go to and the extreme measures these people have had to endure and not to mention swallowing their pride to go out in public and beg for their next meal, or the money to buy a warm blanket. We never ask ourselves how hard it must be to knowingly not have anything that we can call our own. In the reading Unemployed and Working Hard by Simon Wykoff he manages to tell a story of his father who was homeless. Simon also had to live on the streets for a period of time with his father and knew firsthand the day to day struggle he faced. Mr. Wykoff would start his day by making sure that he had everything he had the night before. He would get up to go find food whether he buy it or get it out of a dumpster. He would wait for a way to look for a job by using a newspaper that someone before him had discarded and hope that he would have some luck. Mr. Wykoff was a musician, and in order to try to make some money for the day he would often stand on the street playing his pennywhistle so that the passer byes would hopefully be kind enough to throw some change his way. This was one of the ways he would make the money for him to eat, he would also go “dumpster diving” in order to try and find things that he may be able to sell so that he could get his hands on some cash. Mr. Wykoff did not have a vehicle and his main source of transportation was a bike. This made it harder for him to find a job since many of the places he would search for work were on the outside of town. When his day would come to an end it would come the time to find a place to sleep that would be safe enough and to where he would not get called for trespassing. In order for Mr. Wykoff to survive on the streets Simon explains, “You need to have perseverance, stamina, and...
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