UN Veto Power Proposal

Topics: United Nations, United Nations Security Council, Bashar al-Assad Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: March 27, 2015
The Right to Veto
Is The United Nations anachronistic? Should the veto power rest only with the Big 5 (The United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, and France)? After the failure of the League of Nations, another attempt was made to create an organization that would settle disputes and preserve peace on global level. Thus, the United Nations was born following WWII in 1945. The UN is currently comprised of 193 nations - 5 of which permanently reside on the Security Council and 10 of which possess rotating seats on said council. Because these five countries are permanently on the council, they also reserve the right to veto any program or sanction they choose. However, the P5 (Permanent 5) group is notorious for frequently vetoing resolutions in the interest of furthering their own political agendas. Because of this, countries such as Syria are devolving into massive terrorist breeding grounds. To ensure as much balance in The UN as possible, the Big 5 are about as diverse as it comes. However, because the P5 differ on such rudimentary levels (government/governing body), many reforms or resolutions are vetoed when they conflict with a specific nation's agenda. For example, in 2011, the Syrian regime had begun to crack down militarily against its civilians. ThoughThe UN made attempts to pass sanctions onto Syria, condemning its actions, China and Russia vetoed all resolutions to safeguard their own personal interests. Because Syria's former malignant president Bashar Assad was not brought to justice he was able to proceed with enlisting the help of Hezbollah, an extremist Shiite Muslim group with close links to Iran. Currently, Syria is home to yet another prominent terrorist organization, ISIS, the Islamic State In Syria. Every veto made by the P5 is felt worldwide. Because of vetoes made in self-interest, groups such as ISIS have gained a foothold in countries in need such as Syria and are inflicting as much terror as possible. Terrorism does more than...
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