Types of Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Sign language Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: September 10, 2011
b. Non Verbal Communication
(1) Importance of Non-Verbal Communication :
Non-verbal communication is a communication that involves neither written nor spoken words. Non- verbal communication is also known as visual communication. In. non-verbal communication, we are concerned with such, things, as body movements, gestures, facial expressions, postures, space, time, symbols &. signs, voice tone, colour etc. The Importance of Non-verbal communication can be known through the following points. 1. Non-verbal methods are used to support or enhance whenever we speak and to express & demonstrate a point. A speaker uses facial expressions, movement of hands and body posture to enrich the meaning of words. 2. Non-verbal methods have a quick effect on the mind of the receiver for example a red light at the traffic signal instantly indicates the person to stop. 3. Non-verbal communication is highly effective when people have no time to read sentences especially on the highway the driver looks for the various symbols and decides his route and gets information about the direction-, distance, speed etc. 4. Maps, charts, graphs, symbols are very necessary to convey ideas related to places, data, directions etc. They support and consolidate the written data.

5. Visuals on the television or any screen are more interesting than mere words and hold attention. This proves that human beings, respond more naturally to pictures/sounds and colours. 6. Visuals or pictorial displays or posters are impressive and immediately understood. They are- highly effective to convey important information especially for uneducated people. A red coloured chart with a skull cautions people of some danger, illiterate drivers can understand traffic rules through colours and signs. Different ideas can be put across though slides A pictures easily. Visual communication overrides the barrier of languages.

Types of non-verbal communication :
1. Body language : The...
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