Todays Health Care

Topics: Health economics, Medicine, Health care Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Jared Thomason
Advanced Medical Skills
Period 5
The Healing of the Broken American System
Although America is among the richest in the world we are still far behind many other in the line of health care and providing it to our citizens. Other countries have found a solution to their health care problems through the means of; universal coverage such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan, are just a few among many of the countries that have decided to take this path. Some countries have relied on a different type of health care systems known as socialized medicine. Socialized medicine is a system for providing medical and hospital care for all at a nominal cost by means of government regulation of health services and subsidies derived from taxation. We have yet to find a solution to our “broken” system. With many people not being able to afford health care but still making too much to get health care under welfare. Many people like Nikki White, a thirty-two year old from Tennessee, will die because of our flawed system. Once Nikki was diagnosed with lupus it was impossible for her to get any health care. She had spent her last month’s pleading for help. As Dr. Amylyn Crawford said “Nikki didn't die from lupus, she died from complications of the failing American health care system. It was a lack of access to health care that killed Nikki White.” With people dying for due to a lack of healthcare that the country can provide leaves me to believe that the American health care system is definitely broken. The way Health care is setup in the United States you must either make enough money to pay for your own, have a job that insures you, or get welfare. With unemployment at this rate many people are losing their health care due to the loss of their job. Many will have jobs that don’t offer health care but the job will pay too much to be able to get welfare, as well as not enough for them to buy their own insurance. We do not have a universal...
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