To Give Is Better Than to Receive

Topics: Family, Poverty, Feeling Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: May 22, 2013
To Give Is Better Than To Receive
Today’s society is plagued with a disease called homelessness. This can be a great downfall of modern society. Homelessness has been more common in most countries today. Due to this and some experiences I have encountered, I came to a realization that to give is better than to receive. Sometimes people do not fully understand a maxim or a dictum until they have a personal encounter that made them comprehend the concept fully.

About six months ago a tragic event happened to one of my relatives. My uncle and his family had become homeless. This unfortunate event affected their lives immensely. This not only affected their family but also their relative family, including myself. They struggled with everything. It came to one day where they got evicted out of their house and got their cars taken from them because they were unable to pay for it. My uncle had no job and my aunt was the only one in the household working. Life was not easy for them at all. Some say that the most common reasons people end up in homelessness is because of lack of education, poor work habits, shortage of affordability, mental illnesses, or just plain old bad luck. In their case the cause of them being homeless is still unknown and to me fell under the reason of just plain old bad luck.

Upon hearing such tragic news, my family and I took it upon ourselves to help out in every and any way possible. We helped them financially and housed them in our house for a long period of time until they could stand on their own. It took them a long time to get to that position where they could actually stand on their own and make a living for themselves, but until then we were there for them at all times. My cousins moved to the same school as me and my sisters and we helped them get used to the school and catch up on anything they needed help with. My sisters and I tried to make them feel at home. For me, this was a real eye opener because anyone can be placed in...
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