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How to Help MUN Delegates Become Prepared By Uday Mehra, International School of Amsterdam

How to Help MUN Delegates Become Prepared

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By Uday Rai Mehra International School of Amsterdam


How to Help MUN Delegates Become Prepared By Uday Mehra, International School of Amsterdam

I dedicate this guide to those who’ve — in some way— helped me in this process. Jyotsna and Rajiv Mehra You have been the most supportive parents for anything I have done. You have always stood by me. Ms. Angelika Küster You’ve been a magnificent Advisor, and your ideas, contributions and help have been extremely helpful. Thank you for everything, without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Mr. Brian Chenault and Ms. Tanya Nizam From even before I began MUN, you both encouraged me to join ISA’s MUN club. Your advice has always been fruitful and refreshing. Ms. Frances Laughlin Every time we met and I showed you my progress, you’ve always been motivating, encouraging and provided me with helpful solutions to the problems I came across. Thank you for all of your help along the way. Ms. Linda Dubock It was wonderful to get your advice and opinion of my guide at THIMUN 2010. Thank you for your ideas, which have helped me to further develop this guide. Ms. Donna Saxby and Ms. Nathalie Morrissey From ordering books, to citing sources, to even keeping the Library open until late, I couldn’t have done this without both of your continual cooperation, support and help. Mr. Alessandro Guglielmi Your continual help and always being “online” whenever I needed you assisted me throughout the whole way. Our conversations, your opinions and ideas never ceased to amaze and be insightful. Thank you for all your guidance throughout this process as a continual support for this guide. Ms. Vivian Wu As my first conference chair, you have been the most supportive, helpful and encouraging chair. I owe all what I have learnt to you and your notes that explained things to me when I looked unsure. Had you not been so persistent to make me speak and “get out there”, I wouldn’t have succumbed to enjoying MUN. Ms. Bettina Böhm You were there at my first conference, and sat next to me as my guide and help throughout the conference. Without your little notes in your folder to me, or your whispers, I would’ve taken much longer to grasp MUN. Thank you Bettina. Ms. Elena Cinelli Your ideas as a new MUN Club member offered me a different insight which I greatly value and appreciate. Without your comments, I wouldn’t have known what new delegates want from a guide to MUN.


How to Help MUN Delegates Become Prepared By Uday Mehra, International School of Amsterdam

"The first ingredient of political stability is an informed citizen. The first ingredient of economic progress is a skilled worker. And the first ingredient of social justice is an enlightened society. Education is thus the key to global peace and prosperity”- Kofi Anan This guide has been made for MUN club members. It is here to help you whilst preparing for an MUN Conference; whether you need help researching a country, a topic, or learning about MUN procedures. This guide is split into three parts. You can study it chronologically, or go directly to the section you would like to learn more about. To see the content of the guide, please refer to the following pages, The Contents Pages to direct yourself to the desired aspect of MUN you would like to further study. This guide has been made in a way that it does not overwhelm the reader by the different procedures one carries out during an MUN conference, but rather, it has been designed in a way that allows one to learn about MUN in a way that does not require reading unnecessary information to understand the desired article of study. I would hope from this guide, you would benefit it, and that it would help you to understand MUN in...

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