The Woman in Black

Topics: Emotion, Drama, Theatre Pages: 1 (485 words) Published: February 21, 2015
The Woman in Black
Documentary Response 1000 Words

During the first session of studying ‘The Woman in Black’ we looked at the use of space and how it can be symbolic and relevant to display the characters emotions and character relationships. We explored different understandings of the play, themes and character through this for example, in Imogen, Jade and Fliss’s group when Kipps (Jade) was asking about the woman, Jerome (Imogen) backed away from Kipps, widening the space between them to show that he was afraid and physically backing away from the issue. This gave the audience the impression that Jerome knew something, but he was holding it back in fear of a ‘new comer’ finding out, which added to the tension and suspense of the Woman herself. We also looked at the proxemics of the actors to the audience. In my group Molly (Jerome) and I (Kipps) placed the audience in twos and threes around the room and as we were ‘walking to the funeral’ we involved them as if they were the villagers staring at us, which in reality they actually were. This promenade seating idea made the audience feel a more personal emotional response to the drama and in turn creating a more heightened reaction later on in the play. As Jerome became more and more distressed and dismissive, the space between them became more and more wide, and Kipps’ movements became increasingly rushed as if he was always trying to keep up physically, but also trying to keep up and make sense of the details of Alice’s funeral and family history. This was shown at its most effective when Jerome said that the area in which Alice was supposed to be buried was no longer suitable, and as Kipps started to question this, Jerome left Kipps in the middle of the room and mid-sentence there was a blackout and silence which represented that Jerome had left Kipps in the dark about the situation. This I am sure would have left the audience wanting to know more and finalised that there wasn’t something quite right with...
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