The United Nations and Kant

Topics: United Nations Security Council, United Nations, United Nations Charter Pages: 4 (1656 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The United Nations and Kant

The United Nations failure to prevent war is based on its flawed structure. This structure includes two different levels of power. The first part of that is the General Assembly. This allows each of the 139 nations the power to equally each have one vote. Because everyone has equal power, if used correctly, this should be every effective at preventing war. However, this is not possible because of the second part of United Nation, the Security Council. The Security Council is composed of two groups of nations who have the power to veto laws bought up in the General Assembly. These groups include permanent and non-permanent members. The permanent members of this are always China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. The non-permanent members currently include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, India, South Africa, Colombia, Lebanon, Gabon and Nigeria but these members change every 2 - 4 years. The way this is setup is a problem because every member of the Security Council has the power to veto laws with bias to benefit their own interests. For example, America will veto a law that has many benefits in total but may hurt their trade or economy because of their self-regard; every nation in the Security Council is like this. In addition, the fact that there are permanent members and non-permanent members can create tension within this organization. The use of permanent members on the Security Council labels certain nations more powerful or important than the other nations. The permanent members have never changed, and new permanent members have never been added which is appalling. These actions state that permanent members were the most powerful nations when the United Nations was created more than 60 years ago, and still are, making other nations insignificant in comparison. In addition, the use of permanent members from many years ago does not take into account the changes in the power...
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