The Un Global Compact

Topics: Democracy, United Nations, Pakistan Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: December 16, 2008
The Millennium Project may be existent, but not after one enters the premises of the torched out sub continental country, namely, Pakistan. The country’s expedition towards the Democratization process has been always through thick and thin. The situation of the democratic norms at hand is in a pathetic condition that if left unheeded would beget epidemics of destruction. The Democratization process is the horrific test of time the country Pakistan is facing at this celestial hour.

Paying a glance at the track record that our no less than 60 years of inception provides, is not quite satisfactory. The rulers have always been despotic should they been the military hitlerites or the disloyal democrats. Every time in the guise of solemn ness they blackmail the ever-commonplace citizens and every time they get deceived. It is noteworthy here that every stepping in government promises to be the beholder of the democratic norms but too strangely each government every time backs out from the promise or is thrown away by SOMEONE!

Due to undemocratic trends, the institutes, both by the social and the political, have been rendered dysfunctional. The societal breakdown and the political meltdown are caused by the notorious force of pressing democracy. The whole system seems to have been jammed.

Threats are many and threats are potential but the rays of hope are still glimmering to be dimmed. Until and unless the military is not stopped from making unnecessary show of chauvinism, things would keep on deteriorating. The country must be opened to the international observers to document comments on ways towards democratization. The internal intelligence agencies must be brought in strong pits.

Solution of problem is always easy and simple if there is complaisance enough. (280 words)
The United Nations Global Compact may be criticized on various determined basis but, like a good innocent baby, the internal goodness and vitality can not be succumbed. The idea at...
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