the Un and Religious organisations

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Religious Studies

Research the work on a religious organisation-
Who are they? Mission aviation fellowship, they are a Christian organisation operating more than 130 aircrafts in around 25 countries in the developing world. They fly across hostile environments and reach the world’s most isolated people. Which religion? Christianity.

Some of the things they do? They share the love of God to unfortunate people. They seek to promote the growth of church! They support the work of many visiting churches. They enable flights for the local ministers so that they can also share Gods love in remote areas. Those who fly pursue physical and spiritual care. MAF make frequent flights to Kenya in support of Tear fund’s education and food. Vision: Isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name. Purpose: Sharing God's love through aviation and technology. Values Impact: We value ministry that transforms lives and multiplies the effectiveness of those we serve, seizing opportunities to serve the living God in a fast-changing world. Witness: We value Christ-like behaviour in the way we work and relate to one another and to those we serve. We have respect and care for all people and have compassion for those in need. We are sensitive to cultural differences and have a servant attitude. Excellence: We value integrity, professionalism, safety and competence in all areas and believe that all our work should honour and glorify Christ. Partnership: We value the strength and diversity that co-operation and collaboration bring and partner with those who share our beliefs and values. Stewardship: We value the wise use of our resources and carefully balance the benefits of investments with the costs involved. Care: We value the personal and spiritual wellbeing of our people. We respect, care and pray for one another.

The UN-
The United Nations was established on 24 October 1945 by 51 countries committed to preserving peace through international...
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