The Street Lawyer

Topics: Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 3 (542 words) Published: March 11, 2006
The Street Lawyer was based around a lawyer, Michael Brock, who was rich, snobby, and

cared about no one or nothing accept his money, and himself. He did not realize that his whole

life was going to change when a homeless person kept him hostage, along with his law firm

consisting of eight other people. This got his attention very quickly and suddenly started to

change his point of view on things. This event had completely traumatized Michael and he

started to have a heart for those people that were considered in his eyes, "less fortunate". The

book then pointed out some major things that we should all apply to our life. One theme John

Grisham pointed out is to be careful what you get yourself into throughout the coarse of life, so

you don't end up like those you would never expect to be like. The other two point would be to

give to the homeless, and also to persevere and do your best not to fail.

Once Michael Brock saw these homeless people, he was very careful to try not to live on

the streets. The book points out clearly to be successful and excel in life. Instead, some

people will get involved with drugs and things a long those lines that could stop them from

fulfilling their dreams in life. For example, Ruby, a character in the book, got involved in drugs,

became homeless, and had her only son taken away from her because of her addiction. We

should be careful to not hang out with those crowds.

As soon as Michael Brock got his act together with his own life, he decided to reach out

to the homeless. He became a lawyer for them and made very little money, instead of earning

millions with his big firm. He devoted all of his time to this just because he wanted to help

others. His experiences led him to help the homeless, so our experiences should lead us toward

reaching out to others.

The hardest part for Michael Brock was to keep trying and not to fail. Some of his...
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