The Spanish Health System

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Philosophy and Culture
The Spanish health system (“Instituto Nacional de la Salud” ) has been through many changes. A Universal and decentralised health care system was declared in the Spainish General Health Bill 1986, this was preceded by a centralised healthcare system under General Franco which slowly got better towards his death. When Franco died the task was set to decentralize the healthcare system and was eventually completed in 2002. Equality of access for all Spanish residents was the main philosophical underpinning of the Health bill, this could be because the inequity under Franco has induced a yearning for equality for all. Spain’s conservative government in 2003 passed the Cohesion and Quality Law. Which states: “The purpose of this law is to establish the legal framework for coordination and cooperation of the public health authorities in the exercise of their powers, so as to ensure equity, quality and social participation in the National Health and the active collaboration of this in reducing health inequalities.” Even conservative politics in Spain supports a Universal model of health, unlike the US where conservatives actively see it as a violation of freedom. The Beveridge model of health is employed in Spain that is; the health system is the government’s responsibility and relies on taxes, The fact that the Spanish people vote for free health is a consensus of the public’s perception of the values expressed through the Beveridge model.

Broad Organisation and funding of the system
The Spanish health system follows fairly closely to T.R. Reid’s understanding of the Beveridge model, the public is taxed and the government finances the healthcare system with the revenue. “Financing of Spanish healthcare system is roughly proportional, indicating that every citizen contributes to the finance of health care by a similar fraction of his/her earnings, regardless of their total level of health.” There are many hospitals owned by the government...
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