The right to a decent minimum in health care

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 Better Health better Economy

Allen E. Buchanan's "The right to a decent minimum in health care" argues that even if we cannot settle the question of whether or not there is a universal right to health care, it can still be established that the government should ensure that all of its citizens are provided with a decent minimum of health care.  He further forms his point by arguing on four grounds, which include; the concept of special right over universal right, people who have given to society by joining the army should have the right to access to healthcare, individuals need to have basic access of health care for their participation in the labor force and lastly providing harm prevention. Even thought Buchanan chooses distinctive groups that he believes should have access to health I agree with him because it is a basic need for a human to have access to health care and especially those who have provided for given to the country or groups that have been abused and seen as a minority by the government. I coincide that the right to decent minimum should be given to people who have experienced “injustice” from society historically, such as the Native Indians. I agree with this claim because these people have suffered a lot, they have lost their homes and culture. These factors make them vulnerable to stress and disease. The government should be giving back to them by giving them the right to a decent minimum in health care, as wellbeing is the most important need for a human. If one does not feel well, keeping a job to provide for the family would be impossible. This would result in a vicious cycle of poor living conditions, poor sanitation and therefore poor health. If they do not have a proper source of income they will not be able to pay for health care. Deontologist William D. Ross would agree with Buchanan as one of his duties include, beneficence, the act of “bettering the condition of others in the world” (Fisher, p.14). It is the government’s...
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