The Politics of Aid

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The Politics of Aid
Needs of developing countries in Africa
Developing countries such as Sudan and Chad experience many problems. These problems include over population, not enough food, poverty and debt, lack of health care, illiteracy and war. Often these problems prevent people in developing countries from meeting their basic needs. The people who live in these countries need: •Enough food

Clean water
Health care professionals and medicine
Education programmes
Types of aid
There are 3 main types of aid:
Bilateral aid
Bilateral aid is given from one country to another e.g. Britain sends aid to a number of countries in Africa such as Ethiopia and Tanzania. This is sometimes known as ‘tied aid’ since it may be given with strings and conditions attached. Often it benefits the donor country more than the recipient country. The UK has stopped the practice of tied aid. Multi-lateral aid

Multi-lateral aid is when a group of countries such as the EU or UN send aid to a country like Mozambique or Darfur in Sudan. Voluntary aid
Voluntary aid is when aid is sent through charities such as Oxfam or Christian Aid to a country such as Kenya or Mozambique. Voluntary aid is usually on a smaller scale than bilateral or multilateral aid. Why countries give aid

The reasons why countries give aid can be divided up into social, economic and political factors. Social factors

Countries may give aid for humanitarian reasons, this means that they want to relieve the suffering experienced by those in the recipient country. •They may want to improve the living standard of the people in the developing country by, for example, increasing the literacy rate. Economic factors

Countries may give aid in order to benefit financially as a result of interest being repaid as a loan. •The donor country might get a better price for the produce it buys from the recipient country, for example better terms of trade on coffee. Political factors

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