The Health Care Reform Bill

Topics: Health care, Healthcare reform, Health insurance Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: February 2, 2015
The Health Care Reform Bill is legislation that would change health care in the United States. This bill calls for the creation of health insurance exchanges that would allow individuals and small businesses to purchase insurance on a sliding scale based on income. These state based exchanges would be subsidized by the federal government the amount subsidized would again be based on income. It calls for some of the funding to come from a tax on investment income of 3.8%, an excise tax on high end insurance plans, tax on indoor tanning and a fine or tax levied on businesses with more than 50 employees that does not provide health insurance. One article found on the Internet that talks about the repeal of the bill is from The Huffington post. This article describes Senator Jim DeMint’s position on repeal of the bill. It quotes Sen. DeMint in saying the bill is a trillion dollar assault on our freedoms and that there were free market solutions that could have been a better solution. This article is short in length, only provides quotes from Sen. DeMint and gives no opposing viewpoint. Another article found on the Internet comes from CBS News. This article discusses that Sen. DeMint is joined by Representatives Steve King and Michelle Bachmann in his intention to introduce legislation to repeal the bill. It also goes on to talk about other avenues that the Republican Party is using to battle the bill including a lawsuit brought forth by some State Governors against the government. This article was much more informative and represented both viewpoints. Both articles make clear the difficulty of forming domestic policy. It describes the troubles associated with policy formulation. If this bill becomes policy it may be quite different than the present example, due to the importance of the issue and the many facets of government that it would affect. It will by nature not satisfy everyone involved, so this will open it up for many debates until a compromise may be...
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