The Government Should Be the Main Responsible Entity for the General Public Health, by Banning Smoking, Taxing Fatty Food and Control the Consumption of Alcohol. to What Extent Do You Agree with the Statement?

Topics: Health care, Public health, Illness Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: May 11, 2013
The government should be the main responsible entity for the general public health, by banning smoking, taxing fatty food and control the consumption of alcohol. To what extent do you agree with the statement? Due to the increasing cost of National Health Service and health care problems, government are now looking into taking control and limiting the consumption of fatty food and alcohol, also banning smoking in some cases. However there are a lot of people who are disagreeing with this idea, they believed people should have the freedom of their choice; this will be discussed further in the essay. There have been growing concerns that people who consumed alcohol, fatty food and smoke should be responsible for their own health issues, as they have a higher chance of getting illnesses because they are not taking care of themselves. A lot of people think that this is unfair as they need to pay the same proportion of tax when they are asking less from the government, whereas money that the government paid to cure smokers could be used on something else so that the whole country can benefit from it. Cutting down products such as alcohol and fatty food and banning smoking could also revive the overall economy as people can now save money from not buying these products and use it for something else. On the other hand, this could be a toleration to human right as people should have the right to eat, smoke and drink whatever they want as long as it is not against the law, they should have freedom to choose whatever they want. Also, the government should provide help and support for the smokers so that they can gradually quit smoking, as oppose to banning it as some people are addicted to it and might get ill if they suddenly quit. If the government choose to limit the consumption of alcohol and fatty food, and banning cigarette, this could affect the economy of the country by a wide angle as many people would lose their jobs and factories could be close down due to the...
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