The Garden

Topics: Debut albums, Cemetery, Face Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: February 22, 2014
The Garden
Birds whistled in a nice, calm and fresh garden. The fresh new air came into my lungs and refreshed my mind. Leaves fell down to the ground and the natural waterfall splashed into the mini river. I have been on a holiday for two days now and came across this wonderful garden. People talked in the background as I walked past them towards the mini river. The natural environment was very peaceful I thought in my head. A man came towards me and had a badge on his shirt that said owner of this garden. “Hi may I help you?” he asked with a mannered voice. “No thank you,” smiled at the owner. “This garden was made a year ago,” said the owner. “This is a very peaceful and calm place to relax,” I replied. The owner walked away towards other people as I walked towards another place. As I walked past the rocky path, I noticed writings on some rocks. It said “1982- 2002” on it. This was strange. Why would a rock have years on it, I questioned myself with a suspicious look. I kept on walking towards the flower garden. The flowers here were very colourful and bright. As I got closer towards the flowers I came across a broken face on the ground. It looked like a rock with a face on it. This got too suspicious every time I got closer to the back. I started to wonder if this place was an old cemeterary. The smell of the flowers was very nice. The bees buzzed around the flower garden looking for nectar. The owner walked past with a huge spade and gloves. I quickly caught up to him. “This garden is a very beautiful,” I commented as I reached him. “I know,” he replied with a hurried look on his face. “Where are you going sir?” I questioned the owner with a curious look on my face. “I’m going to plant more plants at the back,” he replied. I followed him to the back. The owner turned around and said “why are you following me?” “Can I please see your garden project?” I asked. “No!” his loud voice went through my ear. “Ok,” I replied. As the man walked...
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