The Concept of Program Reengineering

Topics: Business process reengineering, Homelessness in the United States, Homelessness Pages: 6 (1533 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Assignment 3: Week 7 The Concept of Program Reengineering
PAD 500 Modern Public Administration Presented to Dr. Mark Pantaleo By Anthony McKenzie May 20, 2012

McKenzie 1 Has anyone ever sat down and thought about what would life be like, for them if they had to live on the streets? Just think about the shame and humiliation they are going to feel. Because they were forced to live on the streets, and having to give up living a certain lifestyle that one is accustomed to. It is going to be hard, and trying to adjust to their new environment is not going to make their situation any better (Fried, 2005). Homelessness is the results of numerous underlying factors; however, not all homeless situations will be the same. There are numerous reasons why people become homeless. The first reason is the economy, for those who are looking for a job; they are only wasting their time because jobs are so limited. Second, from time-to-time governmental agencies are forever changing their eligibility requirements to receive government assistance. As a result, many homeless families are denied. Third, As a result, of budgets cuts many governmental agencies are unable to help these homeless families, because there are not enough funds available to provide assistance to these families (Valek, 2012). Thesis Statement: Since homelessness affects a diverse array of people, there is a dire need to address homelessness and these specialized areas that surrounds it, such as psychological, social, and basic human needs. Prior to Mayor Schell developing his plan, he has considered using his own strategies. The first strategy that Mayor Schell will be using is supportive services. This particular strategy was designed for helping Mayor Schell as a means of requesting more money in order to provide more services. Mayor Schell will be seeking outside sources such as governmental grants, along with donations from the community, and fund raisers. In fact, this particular strategy can also help to change some of the conditions in homeless shelters. McKenzie 2 Although it may not help increase the number of people needing, a place to stay as the results of their not being enough housing. The second strategy that Mayor Schell will use is mediations in housing costs. With this strategy Mayor Schell can go before the court and present his case, about housing cost being considerably high, while trying to get housing cost lowered. The third strategy that will be used by Mayor Schell is providing financial assistance to those homeless individuals and families that need help paying for a place to stay to get them off the streets typically at night. The fourth and final strategy that Mayor Schell will be using, He will be working with the community. By asking if they have an extra room that they would like to rent. Mayor Schell will compensate them if they have the extra room available in their home (Burt, Pearson, & Montgomery, n.d.). According to Mayor Schell, these are some of the anticipated outcomes that he is expecting from using these strategies. He feels that he has made an excellent choice by selecting these particular strategies. First reason is that it will help by reducing the mass of people living on the streets. Second reason, is that homeless shelters will...

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