The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project Proposal and Program Design

Topics: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 16 (3735 words) Published: April 4, 2007
Wendy G. Hoppe, Executive Director
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation,
1055 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1701
Los Angeles, CA 90017

New Beginnings is submitting this letter of intent to The Parsons Foundation to determine your interest in providing seed funding for our new social services program, The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project. New Beginnings is an agency that is concerned with providing services and advocating for people that are homeless in the city of Los Angeles.

The mission of New Beginnings is to develop and coordinate sources for support for homeless persons. In our research for possible funding sources, we discovered your foundation also has a strong interest in homeless persons and their plight. Our proposed project mirrors your own goals for helping the homeless of Los Angeles and ensuring they receive comprehensive services. The board of directors is comprised primarily of program directors that meet monthly to report on program progress and to discuss ways to coordinate limited resources.

In 2000, New Beginnings served more than fifteen hundred homeless with nearly one-third of them being single women. Most had limited incomes and more than half were without shelter. By providing education and housing, The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project will help end the problem of homelessness for this target community. The New Beginnings programs are helping to ensure a healthier lifestyle and provide an alternative to institutionalization. Our primary goal is to help people that are homeless to gain the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to lead more fulfilling lives.

One frequently identified need in the county is for qualified social workers to ensure that the homeless receive comprehensive care to improve problem-solving skills and resolve conflicting emotions. Hiring a team of six social workers will ensure that each homeless person is served appropriately. Our proposal to the Parsons Foundation would be for start-up funds for The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project, our proactive social services solution for addressing the identified problem.

The funds received would directly benefit these women who deserve to live with dignity and in good health. If you request a proposal from us we will be asking for $416,142 to assist in starting this new program. We look forward to further discussions about our project and this letter of intent. We will contact you in the next few weeks to see if you need more information. If you have any questions about The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project, please do not hesitate to contact me at (310) 733-1212.Thank you for your consideration.


Gary O Gaffney,
President, Board of Directors

New Beginnings
340 North Madison Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Wendy G. Hoppe, Executive Director
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
1055 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste.1701
Los Angeles, California 90017

Dear Ms. Hoppe:

New Beginnings is submitting this proposal to the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation for $416,142 to implement a new social services program to address specific needs within the homeless population in Los Angeles. This new program entitled The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project will be a shining beacon creating hope throughout the Los Angeles homeless community by identifying and assisting women that have limited growth potential and life skills caused by mental illness.

The board of directors believes that the implementation of The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project will provide the 45 women that will initially be admitted into this program the necessary skills to maintain their independence and determination to help them become active functioning members of society again. The New Beginnings Board of Directors sincerely hopes you will respond favorably to their request for funds to begin The Anger Management for Homeless Women Project.

Our program director, Shirley White, will contact you...

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