Terrorism and United States Decision

Topics: United States, United Nations, Iraq War Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Terrorism has been defined over 100 different ways, broken down into elements and types, and classified by level by people and governments all over the globe. The truth is that terrorism is really all the same; a group or individual that uses threats of violence to cause fear so the terrorist can benefit. On a more local focus, terrorism must be broken down to determine why it is happening. Here in America, it is a result of retaliatory terrorism, an act of revenge, not self-defense. As Americans, there are certain things that we must urge to be done to discourage these terrorists. 1.Acts of terrorism against the United States are retaliatory. They are acts of aggression and revenge, not self-defense. 2.National governments worldwide and organizations such as the United Nations and NATO must take a firm stand against terrorism and resolve to promote positive peace globally. 3.Our government must take certain military actions to show our intolerance and unwillingness to cooperate with terrorists and their demands. 4.The governments of terrorist nations and the United States must take diplomatic action to promote positive peace between nations.

The recent acts of terrorism against the United States such as the WTC September 11 attacks, and the attempted attacks on Vice President Dick Cheney in the Middle East are examples of retaliatory terrorism. They are acts of aggression, with no obvious motive and no logical reasoning. They are not acts of self-defense and they violate William O’Brien’s Just War Theory which classifies these acts as retaliatory terrorism (White 21,35).

The first step in curbing terrorism and promoting positive peace globally needs to be a global effort. The United States and other largely influential countries worldwide can continue to set examples and make a strong effort, but these countries need international support. The United Nations needs to take a firm stand on a zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism while also...

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