Terror: United Nations and National Security Strategy

Topics: United Nations, National security, Terrorism Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: February 16, 2014

The Unattainable World of Peace and Terrorism

Disappointingly, terrorism has been seen as a continuous global setback with its history long and far too familiar. In past decades, the world has come to see terrorism as a pressing matter affecting domestic and international security. From Chechnya border bombings to 9/11, terrorism has simply worsened and remains a major issue with no solution. Terrorism continuing to expand has only become more deadly and harder to control. This, in turn has fueled distrust and division while advocating threats to international safety. Terrorism remains the largest enemy to world peace as it undermines national security, drives countries into anarchy and continues to downgrade democracy.

The National Security Council has repeatedly seen terrorism on their agenda for the past couple decades. It continuously affects the foreign policies of several nations and the quality of life for innocent people. Prior to 9/11, the world recognized terrorism as a moderate issue that rarely posed danger to major powers. The event changed global security forever, where laws and procedures were tightened immediately. As terrorism has continued to rise, the fear and distrust between nations is a disappointing sight. These actions leading to obvious security constrictions, creates international grey zones furthering a ‘Security Dilemma’.1 The continuous cycle of mistrust around the world makes any level of peace unattainable. Without the extermination of terrorism, security around the world is bound to stay heightened for civilian’s safety. Terrorism has been a known phenomenon for thousands of years and the world has yet to develop an internationally accepted effort in tackling it’s problems. With the globes slow movement in forming a solution and the continuous plateau in world peace, terrorism may be seen an everlasting issue.

Evident in recent affairs, terrorism is growing...
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