Term Comparison Healthcare Economics

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Term Comparison
Juanita DeRico-Evans
HCS 552
March 19, 2013
Professor Amy Shoales

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Term Comparison
The world of economics is a diverse and complicated subject. However, health care economics is an entity all its own. Economics recognizes that there is a trade-off of quality of services rendered in health care. Both subjects share a variety of terms that can mean the same thing or something totally different. “It is the utilization of medical care that plays an intermediary role in explaining the link between economic resources and health” (Chung, 2006). This paper will discuss the following three terms as they relate to economics in general and to healthcare economics: production, distribution, and economic incentives. Economics defined is: “the study of the forces between supply and demand and the impact they have on allocation of scarce resources” (2013). Some people believe that economics is the study of money—and its’ uses; but economics goes much deeper than that. “Economics is a framework for understanding fixed and variable costs, market demand, competition, and profitability” (Lee, 2000). Although the price of...

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