Technology in Our Everyday Lifes - Is Our Generation Too Dependent on It?

Topics: 21st century, Learning, Science Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 28, 2013

Within the 21st century, cell phones have become a “must have” because of their ability to gain access to email, Facebook, news, bank accounts and information with a tap on a screen or push of a button. Technology has made connecting with people easier; maintaining tasks simpler and obtaining knowledge faster. Many people acknowledge that technology has had a huge impact on people’s lives and has allowed the world to progress and advance at a much faster pace than ever before, but with this we also ask ourselves - have we become ‘too’ dependent on it.

My answer is no. Technology has allowed us to reach great advancements in all aspects of life whether it be scientifically or creational (creatively). Technology is part of every person’s life and without it we wouldn’t be able to move forward. So why do we want to move back?

Although many of us are for technology and the new scientific and social developments that come with it but there are others that are not so fond of it and complain that technology is taking over our lives and some people argue that technology may be the cause of our lack of social skill and that it is making us incapable to communicate verbally. Yes, I agree that technology is frequently used and that this is a valid point but we forget that technology has allowed people that live far apart from one another to become closer. Technology allows us to work faster and more efficiently for today’s lifestyle and therefore it is a better way of communicating.

Another point argued was that teenagers are becoming extremely reliable on technology as they are constantly in contact with it – they now use technology at school, at home or anywhere they go and therefore they are said to be in the most danger. This is true but there is more to it. When children do things they learn from it, therefore when children are interacting with technology; they are constantly learning more about it and in some cases it can be potentially bad but in...
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