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HCS 531

E-HEALTH 2 Abstract
E-health combines technology with health care. The use of this new and emerging technology allows the delivery of health care to take the form of e-visits, online patient charting, patient access to personal medical records and remote monitoring of vital health monitoring. The use of e-health in health care system with the support of federal guidelines and regulations will help improve the quality, efficiency, and access to health care.

E-HEALTH 3 E-Health
The revolution of technology has transformed the health care system during the last three decades. Fierce Health IT is a nonprofit organization that delivers health technology information to health care organizations and executives nationwide (FiercehealthIT, 2013). The advancements in health care technology have given the society diagnostic imaging, biotechnology, new antivirals, and computer technology that improves how health care delivers to patients. This paper provides information about E-health and the impact it has on the present society. The social, ethical, and economic issues that may affect the delivery of e-health products along with the economic toll will also be highlighted in this paper. Description of E-Health

E-health refers to forms of electronic communication, tools, and services deliver over the Internet (Shi & Sing, 2010). E-health contributes to wireless communication, supporting public health and clinical practices (Shi & Sing, 2010). Tools health care is deliver over the Internet ranges from educational to direct services offered by physicians, patients, and consumers. Services offered by e-health include secured websites that enable physicians and patients to communicate, management, personal health records, and self-monitoring (Shi & Sing, 2010). This form of device will be the main communicator between physicians, patients, and clinics. Services of secure messaging between physicians and patients are implement types of care and improve care coordination between health professionals and client (Rudolp, Barr, & Kuhn, 2008). Other services include increasing patient relationships with physician through high-quality care so that health care guides and cares are available without the need of face-to-face communication. The use of Internet has become revolutionized and advanced in technology E-HEALTH 4 popularity that many people are starting to resort to as an important tool. In e-health, there are many types of applications included. M-health has emerged from e-health as the developed wireless communication device to support public health. This type of application is still underdevelopment. E-therapy refers to a type of therapeutic interaction using the Internet connecting with health professionals and the clients (Shi & Sing, 2010). This type of application has not been widely taken but outcomes have been positive. Another emerging application is virtual physician visits, which are online clinical between the physician and the patient, used to connect the physician and patient during video chats as a convenient tool in healthcare delivery (Rudolp, Barr, & Kuhn, 2008). Also allows secure exchange of clinical information such as photographs, data, and records. Other applications include telemedicine and telehealth, which are often uses...

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